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Common Warfare dreams

Matt 13:24-25
" Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way."

According to this passage, the enemy chooses the night hours to sow tares in your wheat fields. In my book, Night Time Warfare, I explore the topic exhaustively.

Also, many times evil is perpetrated between the hours of 12 midnight and 3.00 am. When the evil is going on, you are likely to have a "bad" dream that wakes you up badly shaken.

The best action a dreamer can take is to spend some time in prayer to use the revelations to destroy the "tares" sown in his field. If action is not taken, the enemy can have his way as long as he chooses. But how can we trace the presence of spiritual warfare in the life of the dreamer?

These dreams listed below reveal the Devil's hand:

1. Sexual encounter in dreams.
This is a very common warfare dream, but since most people find it embarrassing, they usually will not talk about it. I have written extensively on this subject in my book, A Woman's Worst Nightmare. There are two spirits the enemy sends against men and women in their dreams. The first is known as Incubus, which is a spirit that sleeps with women in their dreams. The other is Succubus, which is a spirit that sleeps with men in their dreams.

These spirits may use the faces of ex-lovers, friends or such. They may even come as people of same sex.

Unless you wake up and wage serious spiritual warfare, one or all of the following may take place in the life of the dreamer:

  • Difficulty getting married.
  • Difficult marital problems.
  • Difficulty getting pregnant.
  • Difficulty in the area of finances.

    2. Dreams that result in affliction with the spirit of poverty.
    There are so many people today suffering serious oppression from the spirit of poverty.

    Usually people are tipped off in their dreams but because of lack of knowledge, nothing is done until the manifestation takes place.

    If you find yourself in the following situations in your dream, you need to start praying against the spirit of poverty:

  • Possession of counterfeit money.
  • Wallet stolen from you.
  • Wearing rags, shoes with holes.
  • Begging for money, food, etc.
  • Loss of cash, wallet, checkbook or paycheck.
  • Bank door closing in your face.

    3. Nakedness in a dream.
    If you find yourself naked in a dream and you frantically look for clothes to cover your nakedness, the enemy is about to bring embarrassment and disgrace into your life. A mother once brought her son to me because she was worried about a dream he had shared with her. In the dream he found himself naked and the whole family looked for clothes to put on him but could not find any.

    I knew the dream had to do with a serious embarrassment that was coming the way of the young man. The embarrassment would affect his whole family and they would not be able to remedy it.

    He told me he needed money immediately to forestall the embarrassment coming his way. I had to raise funds quickly for him to keep that dream from coming to pass.

    If you find yourself naked in a dream, you need to search your life to see if you are involved in anything that can bring embarrassment and do something about it immediately. If you cannot think of anything, you need to bind every plan of the enemy to embarrass and disgrace you.

    4. Removal of hair in the dream.
    In women, your hair represents glory. Hence the removal of it in a dream is very significant.

    You need to pray against your glory being tampered with by the enemy.

    5. Dreams that indicate witchcraft activities.

  • Being pursued by mentally deranged person.
  • Attacks by dangerous animals.
  • Being shot with gun or arrow in a dream.
  • Feeling pressed down on the bed and unable to get up even when awake.
  • Bats. These usually indicate that hypocrites are going to be set loose against you.
  • Cobwebs and spiders. These and other Halloween favorites point to witchcraft activities. It is not unusual for such dreamers to wake up and literally run into cobwebs all day.

    6. Dreams that indicate attack of profitless and confused life.

  • Traveling but not reaching your destination.
  • Traveling to unknown destination.
  • Driving in a fog or in a cloud of dust.

    7. Dreams that indicate warfare of delay.

  • Waiting for a bus, taxi, ship, train, airplane or any mode of transportation that never comes.
  • Traveling in a traffic hold up.

    8. "Almost there but never there."
    There are people whose lot in life seems to be that just before they get something good, it is snatched from them. Such people are under the attack of what I call, "almost there but never there." Such people have dreams along these lines:

  • Not finishing examinations before time expires.
  • Doors closing before they get inside.
  • Free gifts finishing before it gets to their turn on the distribution line.

    In real life, those who have such dreams will have a hard time attaining their goals and heart's desires. Their lives will be a cycle of disappointments and unfulfilled promises. I have seen those who almost get married but never do, almost get a job but never do, almost pass an examination but fail by one or two points. They have repeatedly tried to build houses but never complete the project because there is always an unexpected problem. Others have had to jump from one business venture to another and from one profession to another.

    Life for such people is one of stagnancy, frustration and discouragement.

    It is an attack of the enemy. They need to pay attention to and do something about their dreams.

    9. Dreams that indicate attacks against the dreamer's spiritual life.
    Generally, these dreams should alert the believer to the fact that the enemy wants to downgrade their spiritual walk.

  • Smoking or consuming alcohol in the dream. Each time I dream about any of my church members smoking a cigarette, it is an indication that they are struggling spiritually. I have never once missed it.
  • Eating in the dream. This is usually followed by a period of weariness, tiredness and laziness in prayer. Just as physical food weighs down the eater physically, so does this weigh the dreamer down spiritually.
  • Drinking and bathing in dirty water. This is nothing but spiritual and even physical poisoning.
  • Loss of Bibles.

    10. Dreams that indicate loss.

  • Having abortion in a dream
  • Loosing blood in a dream
  • Taken to an unfamiliar location and abandoned. These dreams, foretell of loss of intimate friends and good relationships. They have also resulted in loss of favors in the lives of many dreamers.

    11. Initiations in dreams.
    Many innocent people have slept only to wake up initiated into various demonic societies as a result of dreams they had.

    Pay particular attention to these dreams:

  • Finding yourself in strange meetings eating strange food with strange people.
  • Swimming in the water with strange people or strange creatures.
  • Getting married to strange husbands in dreams.

    12. Contact with the dead.
    Many dreamers can find themselves having contacts with their dead relatives, ancestors and friends. I have heard of people who even pray for such dreams.

    The living has nothing to do with the dead. The powers of darkness have been known to utilize such dreams to transfer sicknesses and diseases into the life of the dreamer. In many cases, it turns out to be the same sickness that killed the person they dreamt about.

    Even more serious, such dreamers have been exposed to familiar spirits through such contacts.

    Take for an example the dream a lady who attended one of my revivals related to me.

    She had had the dream twenty years before. In the dream, she saw a man who resembled her dead father, submerged in the ground. Only his head was above the ground level.

    She was naturally concerned to see her father in such a state. She went towards him in order to rescue him from his predicament.

    As she ran towards him, she tripped and fell; her head went into the wide-opened mouth of her father. She succeeded at pulling her head out but her father held on to her hair with his teeth.

    The struggle continued for a while. It stopped when someone came, wrapped her in white linen, and pulled her out of the mouth of her father. Then she woke up.

    How do you classify a dream like that? Obviously it was a bad dream that had nothing to do with the way she spent her day. Therefore she had to be under serious spiritual warfare.

    She further told me, "Pastor, from that day, I have had non-stop headache and dizziness.

    "I often feel as if someone is pulling my hair. I have been to many doctors to no avail."

    It might be significant to remind you, dear reader, that the one she saw in the dream might not have been her father at all. The enemy could have used the face of her father to lure her into getting close to the trap set for her.

    The fact that she was wrapped in white linen signifies that she would go to the grave with the problem. But thanks be to God for deliverance. She was prayed for, and the Lord delivered her from the headache and dizziness.

    13. Attack by armed robbers
    Such dreams denote the existence of serious obstacles in the life of the dreamer.

    14. Road blocks and padlocks
    These dreams can contain law enforcement road blocks or trees fallen across a pathway. Such dreams signify blockages in the life's path of the dreamer.

    15. Handcuffs
    They indicate restrictions in the life of the dreamer.

    16. Climbing mountains and hills
    Such dreams point to the presence of obstacles and hindrances in the dreamer's life.

    17. Automobile breakdown
    Such dreams can indicate an attack against your wheel of progress.

    18. Theft of wedding dress or wedding ring.
    This could mean serious trouble for the marriage.

    19. Children crying or screaming out in their sleep.
    This should give every caring parent concern. Only God knows the nature of the attack such children might have been subjected to while asleep. The children concerned need to be prayed for.

    20. Dreams that indicate warfare against the ministry.
    Depending on its content, any of the dreams described above can affect a church or ministry. There was a time when it was very difficult to keep people in a church I pastored. I prayed to know why. Then God gave me the following dream.

    We were in church one Sunday morning with the church filled to capacity. Suddenly two snakes crawled into the building and confusion broke out. People ran everywhere and many ran out of the building. Those who remained decided to kill the snakes. Then I woke up.

    That was a dream to show me why people were not staying in the church. The "old serpent" was the power behind many of the problems that made some leave the church.

    I had another dream in which a big tree fell inside the church and killed some people.

    I ran around in the dream wondering whether we had renewed our church insurance or not. Then I woke up.

    I had no idea what the dream meant, but one thing was clear, it was not a good dream. I had to set aside several days for fasting and praying to deal with whatever the dream meant.

    21. Dreams dealing with darkness
    Any dream dealing with darkness should be paid attention to.

    I have had several dreams connected to this symbol.

    I once dreamt of being chased by a tornado swirling around as a dark wind. The wind carried everything in its way and then hurled them in my direction.

    I remember vividly that it picked up a mobile home and pursued me with it. I ran for my life and woke up panting for breath.

    That was a period of intense warfare in my life. At that time, I was engaged in praying serious warfare prayers and the enemy did not like it.

    He was fighting back with real fury to stop me from praying as intensely as I was. By God's grace, the dream was not allowed to come to pass.

    These dreams that I have mentioned would probably have brought back many memories of dreams to the reader.

    God might be allowing you to see what has happened, what is happening or what is going to happen.

    This article is extracted from Dr. Itiola's book: Dreams, Visions and Spiritual Warfare which can be purchased on this website.

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