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Spiritual Warfare
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Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare" The daily battle
By Olga Stockman

CBN.com - Love Gospel Assembly LES - 1) Lay hold of the complete protection of Christ, the full armor of God 2) Once fuly armed, we are to pray. Effective prayer is actively putting on the armor of God 3) In the face of Satan's attacks, we are to stand firm in our faith with the knowledge that the battle is the Lords. Our faith is his victory. (pg.9)

The battle is not against flesh and blood (people), but against unseen spiritual powers. The world does not understand spiritual truth, so it either distorts the true nature of our battle to the point of ridicule or it rejects spiritual reality as a myth. (pg.21)

Human methods of reform fail because they do not come to grips with the essential problem. All our efforts to correct the evils we see in life are simply re-arrangement of the difficulties... they just take on a different form. (pg. 34)

The strongest chains are not those that can be placed around the body, but those that are wrapped around the mind and heart. (2 Cor.4:4) - "The god of this age blinded the minds of the unbelievers"). The majority of attacks against Christians are indirect (schemes). Largely through the world and flesh. The self-centeredness within us. Distortion of human nature that makes us want to be our own god - the proud ego, the uncrucified self...rebellious against authority. We are all born with this sinful nature. When you become a Christian, that's when the battle really begins (pg. 71).

We should always pray for one another. The devil cannot totally defeat Christians. he can frighten us and make us miserable; he seeks to hinder and discourage us. Sometimes, he attacks like a "roaring lion" clawing at us through catastrophes"... Or an "angel of light" a seductive and alluring temptation (love, money, etc.) (pg. 73). or sometimes pressure (friends, lover, relatives) to go with the "worldly" flow.

Faith is a function of the will of the soul (pg. 82) the devil employs...he will cause some Christians to become so focused and fanatical about the subject of the devil that they lose their focus on God... From faith comes hope and love.

In order to be strong in the Lord, we must recognize our weaknesses. We cannot escape if we do not know where the attack is coming from (pg. 73) Meditate for 30 minutes to one hour (Ephesians 6:14-17) and pray from this scripture. Ask the Lord to build a strong armor upon you. To help you grow in your armor.

Two general divisions of the armor:

The first three pieces of armor Eph. 6:14-15. The belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness and the gospel of peace (pg.98)

The second three pieces of armor Eph. 6:16-17. the shield faith, helmet of salvation, the Sword of the Spirit. Doubt is always an attack on faith... have a balanced weapon....God answers prayers according to his promise.

May the Lord be with you in your battles, Amen. For further information, study Ephesians and read this great book alongside the bible. You will be amazed what you'll learn and feel like a whole different you. PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD....

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